Sturgeon Refinery

Fred Whitford

Carpenter - Graham

October 20, 2015

Fred Whitford has been working for Graham BFI on the Sturgeon Refinery Project since January 2015. He has been working in carpentry for over 42 years and has been a union member for about 30 years. Fred’s father was also a carpenter, and got him his first job when he was 15 with Brown & Root. He grew up in Fort St. John and moved to Redwater 3 years ago in order to be a part of the Sturgeon Refinery project and appreciates being home every night. In his spare time, Fred enjoys building things and recently built a crib board that was auctioned off on site to raise money for an injured co-worker. If Fred could go back in time he would become a crane operator, he has a great deal of respect for them and the heavy lifts that they do.