Sturgeon Refinery

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What you need to know

The NWR Sturgeon Refinery Site is a safety sensitive, managed open industrial construction site.

Security and Identification

  1. Electronic ID cards are issued by NWR Security to authorized individuals following the NWR Site orientation
  2. Access to the NWR Sturgeon Refinery Project is granted only on the production of your card

Site Access

All personnel requiring access to the project must provide:

  1. Negative Pre-Access Alcohol and Drug Test (COAA Canadian Model compliant) OR Confirmation of Active Participant in RSAP (Rapid Site Access Program)
  2. Construction Safety Training Certification (or equivalent)

Click here for more information about RSAP or how to join


  1. Workers and visitors are required to park in designated areas only
  2. No private vehicles are allowed within working areas on-site
  3. Parking is limited and first come, first served

Vehicles leaving site through the north exit will be restricted to turning north bound onto Highway 643.  Vehicles using this exit are advised to park in the northern part of the Craft Parking Lot as identified on the map.

Access to the craft parking lot will continue to be through Gate 2 for all vehicles.

Revised Craft Parking Traffic Map Nov 11

Parking Lot Etiquette

1.  Common Courtesy/Zipper Merging

Extend the same courtesy you expect from others. Row traffic merging into a single lane exiting the site at the intersections will merge in an alternating flow. Please let row traffic merge into the main stream. Please allow vehicles exiting from parking areas to merge into the rows.

2.  Speed

The speed limit in the parking lot is 15 km/h. Exceeding this limit at the end of the shift to get ahead of the crowd puts pedestrians and other drivers at an unnecessary risk.

3.  Pedestrians

Make use of designated walkways. When possible and safe to do so, walk between the rows of parked cars. NO RUNNING IN PARKING LOT!

4.  Enforcement

NWR uses surveillance video across the site including the parking lot. NWR staff and security also monitor activity in the parking lot. Individuals choosing to ignore the rules or put their co-workers at risk will lose their parking privileges and may also lose site access privileges.