Sturgeon Refinery

Community Investment

We believe in actively participating in and supporting the communities where we live and work. From annual United Way campaigns to local Food Bank drives and Adopt-A-Family programs at Christmas, our goal is to give back and build stronger communities.

A robust recycling program—including wood, drywall, aluminum, steel, beverage containers, etc.—diverts waste from landfills each year. It also enables us to redirect the money made from the program back into the community. Since the program’s inception in 2015, we’ve contributed over $1 million through community investments and sponsorships to over 40 local organizations (as of 2023).

Our funding guidelines and focus areas

Our goal is to support as many great causes as we can through our programs. Preference is given to local organizations in Sturgeon County and the broader Heartland region, as well as organizations where our NWR employees provide active volunteer support or service.

Our funding is focused on the following five areas:

  • Environment and sustainability
  • Education and learning
  • Health and wellness
  • Community support
  • Sports and recreation

By supporting programs and activities that focus on our five chosen priorities, we help achieve our goal of stronger, more resilient communities. Our support is done through two funding programs:

  • Event sponsorships support specific events or conferences with a defined duration (usually one day or sometimes multiple days in a row).
    • Examples include golf tournaments, galas, fairs, forums, family fun day activities, etc.
  • Community investments support projects or initiatives. These may be longer in duration, are not event-based and may consist of physical items. Sports and recreation teams also fall into this category.
    • Examples of community investment initiatives include playground enhancements, historical society upgrades, nature initiatives, education programming, equipment or supplies, etc.

Please note: Two sports/recreation teams per year will qualify for funding through our funding programs. Funding for all categories is subject to budget limitations—that means not all applications that meet the established criteria will be approved for funding. Applicants may receive full, reduced or no funding for their requests.

Requests considered ineligible for NWR’s community investment funding include:

  • For profit organizations
  • Individuals or individual pursuits
  • Private (fee-based) elementary or secondary schools
  • Religious causes that do not serve the general public on a non-denominational basis
  • Advocacy or special groups
  • Feasibility studies
  • Political parties or lobby groups

Application process

We have two application deadlines for community funding. These deadlines apply to both event sponsorships and community investments.

  • The first in the spring on April 30 and the other in the fall on October 31
  • Consideration is given to applications coming in between these deadlines but priority is given to applications submitted as part of the scheduled application process. Please apply with enough lead time to ensure your opportunity is considered.
  • Organizations are contacted via email within two weeks of the application deadlines

Application form

The application form is the same for both event sponsorships and community investments. Please send your completed application form and any supporting documentation to Questions about the process? Please let us know by sending any inquiries to