Sturgeon Refinery

Community Investment

North West Redwater Partnership believes in actively participating in and supporting the communities where we live and work. We encourage our employees to be involved in their community and NWR supports their work – and the work of others.

NWR focuses our Community and Charitable Donations on the following areas:

Enhancing and contributing to the current and future quality of life in our Local Communities

This includes our active support for organizations that provide services to and promote:

  • Programs that promote our Local Community’s education system for youth
  • Programs that foster work skills development for youth or disadvantaged persons
  • Programs that aid seniors living in the Local Community
  • Strong family support systems
  • Programs to support youth community involvement

Creating tomorrow’s leaders and fostering workforce development

NWR supports organizations focused on the education and development of tomorrow’s leaders. This includes support for organizations and initiatives that lead to better environmental stewardship in partnership with industry.


Interested organizations should review the current Community and Charitable Donations Policy and complete a Community and Charitable Donations Application Form.