Sturgeon Refinery

High Value Products

All of today’s Canadian upgraders process bitumen, the heavy crude oil product extracted from the oil sands, into synthetic crude oil. That high-value oil is often shipped to the United States for further refining, denying the province of tax revenues and jobs that could come from refining it here.

NWR’s solution is to convert the raw bitumen directly into the low carbon, ultra-low sulphur diesel and diluents that are in critically short supply and high demand in Canada. This maximizes the value for all Albertans by generating higher margins on raw materials while making environmentally responsible products that the market needs, and at competitive prices. NWR is focused on producing a range of cleaner, high-value products needed to meet Alberta’s increasing demand and North America’s new low carbon standards.

The province requires large sources of diluent to meet the current and future needs of bitumen producers. NWR is a vital source of high quality recycled and manufactured diluents that displace expensive imports for bitumen producers.

This product is used primarily as a component in high octane gasoline.  NWR’s pure naphtha is also ideal for use in petrochemical processes or as part of the manufactured diluent pool.

This high-quality material has applications for intermediate feedstock in refineries, the production of lubricants, and for sales as an off-road fuel.

Products such as butane, propane, and ethane manufactured at the plant are available and sold to other Alberta industries.

The products produced by NWR encourage downstream industries to develop. This catalyst supports the provincial government’s vision and results in significant long term competitive advantages for Alberta.


NWR’s Clean Performance Diesel is formulated to make engines run more smoothly, reduce emissions and provide up to 30% better fuel economy than gasoline. Cetane is the key indicator of diesel quality like octane is in gasoline. The higher the cetane number the better the diesel combustion, which results in improved performance, better fuel economy and fewer exhaust emissions. The poor combustion characteristics of low cetane diesel can take a toll on your vehicle.  These inferior fuels leave behind deposits that directly impact performance, causing excessive engine vibrations and stress as well as more smoke and noise. Drivers experience a reduction in power, responsiveness and an increase in fuel consumption and emissions. The minimum cetane standard in Canada is currently 40. NWR’s diesel is manufactured to exceed Canadian standards and meet global specifications. Diesel drives the provincial economy and is essential for its continual growth. NWR’s Clean Performance Diesel helps meet this increasing demand.

High Value End Products

  • Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel 50%
    •  40,250 Barrels / Day
    • Exceeds california low carbon fuel standards
    • Growing demand, Attractive pricing
  • Low Sulphur VGO 11%
    • 8,790 Barrels / Day
    • High quality gasoline feedstock
  • Diluent/Naphtha 35%
    • 28,266 Barrels/ Day
    • Premium to WTI, active local markets
  • Butane and Propane 4%
    • 3,363 Barrels/ Day