Sturgeon Refinery

Goal Zero

Everyone at North West Redwater Partnership (NWR) is expected to protect the health, safety and environment of our people, contractors and neighbours. Our commitment to health, safety and environmental performance is an integral part of our culture and business requirement. Continuous improvement is our performance standard. We will do this by:

  • integrating health, safety and environmental best practices into all parts of our business.
  • ensuring that each person and contractor understands their HSE responsibilities, is competent to meet them and adheres to them.
  • “GOAL-ZERO” is our standard for an incident and injury-free environment.

NWR recognizes the importance of management involvement and commitment and the responsibility of each and every person and contractor in the application of this policy. Personnel at all levels in the organization are held accountable for their HSE performance. The commitments contained in this policy statement depend entirely on all our people taking ownership of HSE. That’s how we will eliminate accidents, reduce emissions and waste, and fulfill our HSE commitments each and every day.

At NWR, people are our most valuable asset and no part of our business is more important than your personal safety. Health, safety, environmental and security concerns are fundamental values within our overall HSE management system and are inherent in every part of our operation.


  • We believe that all incidents and injuries are preventable.
  • We believe that harm to any individual or the environment is unacceptable and preventable.
  • We believe that no job is so urgent or so routine that it cannot be done safely.
  • We believe an injury and illness-free work environment is critical to business success.
  • We are committed to building a culture where zero occupational harm to people is a value, not a priority that can be changed.