Sturgeon Refinery


North West Redwater Partnership’s Project complements the vision of the Alberta Industrial Heartland, which community leaders explain is to “…maximize the efficient use of resources, information, raw materials, energy, infrastructure, and natural habitats.” This priority on efficiency means less waste and operations that run in a more environmentally responsible manner.

A study co-sponsored by government determined that Alberta can become one of the world’s largest eco-industrial chemical clusters. NWR will create one of the very first building blocks of this eco-industrial cluster, to pave the way for other opportunities to follow and to the benefit the entire region.

Integration of gasification with carbon capture and storage (CCS), conversion of low value bitumen to high value products and its central location in the Alberta Industrial Heartland make the Project one of the anchor tenants of Alberta’s development of a hydrocarbon processing cluster. This is consistent with Alberta’s strategic direction to concentrate heavy industrial development in this area to support the efficient and economic development of the province’s resources.

NWR’s bitumen refinery will be situated within the established heavy industrial region of Sturgeon County, one of the municipalities comprising Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. The region’s existing infrastructure and access to local resources means the project is further reducing its environmental footprint. Another advantage is its close proximity to major crude oil and diluent pipelines.

The region’s stable and skilled workforce means NWR can provide jobs to the people who call this community home, thereby reinvesting in this strategically important area of our province.

The County’s leaders recognize that climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing our generation. They also know that CCS will play a key role in combating it. We appreciate their enthusiasm for a CCS solution and are grateful for their continued support of our Project.

Using the most environmentally conscious processes to minimize waste and emissions, NWR will set the environmental gold standard and demonstrate to the world that Albertans can be environmental responsible stewards of the oil sands resource, ensuring its sustainable development.

Recycling Program PTD Total Weight = 9787,15MT, Recycled = 98.40%

  • Concrete 1892.34MT
  • Waste 156.22MT
  • Wood 4183.75MT
  • Metal 1009.69MT
  • Cardboard/Paper 703.19MT
  • Plastic 408.58MT
  • Organics 1382.86MT
  • Drywall 15.12MT
  • Other Recyclables 29.12MT