Sturgeon Refinery

Derek Bisson

Detachment Commander - The Commissionaires

October 20, 2015

Derek Bisson has been the Detachment Commander with the Commissionaires on the NWR Sturgeon Refinery Project for the past 18 months. Derek likes that everyday on the project is different, with new challenges and new situations, as well as getting to meet all the new people that come through the gates. The biggest influence in his career was dealing with General Jon Van (who is now the Chief of Defense Staff). Derek was in the Canadian Forces for 38 years and was a Regimental Sergeant Major as well as a United Nations military observer with NATO.  His work philosophy is to be organized and keep on top of things and having everyone knowing what’s expected of them. His advice to the next generation of Oil and Gas construction workers would be to be flexible, adaptable and open-minded, willing to change. Give yourself as many of the tools required to be successful. When Derek has free time, he enjoys walking and gardening outdoors as well as traveling.