Sturgeon Refinery


North West Redwater Partnership (NWR) is a joint venture comprising two Calgary-based companies: NWU LP (Alberta), owned by North West Refining Inc. (Alberta) and CNR (Redwater) Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian Natural Resources Limited. The facility is managed and operated by NWR, with bitumen feedstock provided by Canadian Natural Resources Limited as well as the Government of Alberta through its bitumen royalty-in-kind initiative.


Executive Leadership Committee

  • Peter Duda
  • GM
  • NWR Partnership
  • Ian MacGregor
  • President and CEO
  • NW Refining
  • Larry Vadori
  • EVP & COO
  • NW Refining
  • Scott G. Stauth
  • COO-Oil Sands
  • CNRL
  • Sheldon Schroeder
  • VP-Horizon Upstream Projects
  • CNRL
  • Adrian Begley
  • CEO
  • Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission