Sturgeon Refinery


In February 2005, North West Redwater Partnership publicly disclosed the refinery project. To follow, a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment was completed and public input was gathered. After the commencement of a public hearing, the refinery was deemed to be in the public interest.

In August 2007, NWR received Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) Approval No.10994, under the authority of the Oilsands Conservation Act. In September 2007, NWR received Alberta Environment Water Act Approval No.00227771-00-00 and EPEA Approval No.217118-00-00. In 2017, NWR successfully renewed the operating permit for the mandated ten year period. NWR has also received Municipal Development Permits as required by Sturgeon County.

To obtain copies of past regulatory applications or if you have any questions regarding NWR’s regulatory approval status, please submit a Corporate Information request on our Contact page.