Sturgeon Refinery


Operating Approval

In August 2007, NWR received Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) Approval No.10994, under the authority of the Oilsands Conservation Act. In September 2007, NWR received Alberta Environment Water Act Approval No.00227771-00-00 and EPEA Approval No.217118-00-00.

In 2017, NWR successfully renewed the operating permit for the mandated ten year period.

NWR has also received Municipal Development Permits as required by Sturgeon County.

Forced Labour in Supply Chains Act

The Act came into force in Canada on January 1, 2024 to increase industry awareness and transparency and drive businesses to improve practices. Entities like NWR are required to submit an annual report on the steps taken during the previous financial year to prevent and reduce the risk that forced labour or child labour is used in our supply chains.