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Fluor’s HEAT Initiative


The Hazard Elimination Action Team (H.E.A.T) program is a Fluor program geared toward teaching and improving hazard recognition and elimination through a team learning and observation approach with a heavy emphasis of “Boots on the Ground”. Members of the team are volunteers, or are nominated by their supervision to participate in the 4 week program.

The team will focus on key areas of concerns that are noted on the Hazard elimination cards turned in weekly. This program is based on Fluor’s Managing Safety to Zero (MS20) program. This approach is known as “Mining the Diamond”. Fluor bases the program on a proactive approach of eliminating hazards in the work place.

The goal is to eliminate all the hazards associated with the 9 Life Critical hazards in the work place. Ultimately, the goal is to have team members become champions of safety and be better equipped on how to recognize hazards and eliminate the hazards that they may see while in the field.



October 20, 2015