Sturgeon Refinery

Canadian Industrial Paramedics Auxiliary Training Program

Canadian Industrial Paramedics Ltd. (CIP), on site since November 2014, has been contracted by the NWR Refinery to provide fire, technical rescue, as well as augment the medical services provided by our parent company International SOS to the contractors on site.

Most technical rescues, whether from a confined space or from a high structure, as the name suggests are highly technical events requiring in-depth knowledge of physics, engineering and safety. They are full of unpredictable variables and we must be prepared for the technical challenges which may arise.

It is for this reason that all our ERT members are fully trained NFPA 1001 Level II Firefighters, have emergency medical certification to either the EMR or EMT-A level and are certified to perform to the highest level of both high angle and confined space rescue operations; to the NFPA 1006 Technician level.

As industry professionals we work with on-site contractors to stay both connected to the ever-changing work site and also to help identify high risk work areas. From there we assess the work site looking for hazards, access or egress concerns, and then develop Technical Rescue Plans. We regularly review these plans and attend weekly site tours with the prime contractors in order to stay connected to the site.

In addition to developing Technical Rescue Plans we also coordinate with the various contractors on site to capitalize on training opportunities. In this way we can practice and sharpen our technical rescue skills in a controlled environment. This allows us to better serve the site as we strive to attain GOAL ZERO.

The associated pictures were taken during a typical training exercise that was held within Fluor at the Vacuum Tower on October 17, 2015.


Auxiliary Training

We offer bi-weekly rope rescue training and this is an open invitation to come join us. We get together over at the orientation building every second Tuesday to practice many of the skills that would be needed during an actual rescue. The Auxiliary membership is growing but there’s always room for more. Talk to your supervisor to let them know your interest.


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December 23, 2015