Sturgeon Refinery


Periodically NWR Sturgeon Refinery will put out surveys to a random sample of the workforce on the project with the goal of continual improvement.  Surveys will always be site specific or service offering specific in the case of the Sturgeon Refinery bussing program.  We encourage everyone who receives a request to participate in these surveys to provide their feedback.  The surveys are always anonymous and only graphical information displayed on this webpage.

Pulse Survey - October 2015 - Closed

And the survey says…

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first NWR Sturgeon Refinery Project Pulse Survey.  Your feedback is valuable.  The results will be used to assist us in providing and managing the services and programs that impact the entire project.  Results will be posted soon

Bussing Survey - December 2014 - Closed

NWR is committed to continual improvement of our bussing program and in late December a survey went out asking for your feedback on what improvements can be made to the service provided. Overall satisfaction rate was approximately 70%; however, there were suggestions and changes we took away to make the bussing system more efficient:

  • Added 11 extra off-site routes
  • Eliminated transferring to onsite busses for most passengers arriving via coach
  • Direct to work area drop off in the morning and evening departures from work area
Survey question 5
Survey question 6
Survey question 7
Survey question 8
Survey question 9