Sturgeon Refinery
Picture of Suraj Bhardwaj

Suraj Bhardwaj

Ironworker - Fluor

November 30, 2016

Suraj has been an Ironworker with Fluor for over 9 months and has been working on the Sturgeon Refinery for over a year.  Suraj enjoys the challenge and complexity of his trade as well as the opportunity for working outside at heights.  He really enjoys being part of the module crew and all the ironwork activities. Suraj work philisophy is work as a team and work safe, and what he is most proud of is working in the gasifier and the mods placing the steel – seeing it from beginning to end.

Suraj grew up in India but now calls Edmonton home.  In his spare time he likes hiking, walking, and going to the gym.  If Suraj could possess one super-human power it would be to help all those in need.

Thank you Suraj for being part of the Sturgeon Refinery project!