Sturgeon Refinery

Lee Rapkoski

Document Control Site Lead - Fluor

June 16, 2015

Lee Rapkoski is a Document Control Site Lead with Fluor and his been with the company for 5 years and has worked on the Sturgeon Refinery Project for the last 3 ½ years.  Lee likes the challenges of his job and that there is always something to do.  He likes the people on the project in particular Stephen Thomas and Shane Schultz who have been very helpful in his job.   Lee also likes that he has been working on the Sturgeon Refinery Project from the start and he will see it through to completion.   Lee’s words of advice for the next generation of O&G construction workers is make sure you budget for the next bust.

Lee grew up in Southern Alberta and currently lives in Calgary.  In his spare time he likes to fix cars, renovate and cycle and one accomplishment Lee is most proud of is teaching his son how to play guitar.  If Lee could possess one super-human power it would be the ability to motivate people.