Sturgeon Refinery

Geoff Braat

Construction Services Manager - NWR

August 5, 2015

Geoff says it has been very exciting to be part of the Project from the first days onsite back in May 2012.  What he truly likes the most on this Project is the group of people that he works with.  Geoff is Manager of Construction Services and thinks that the diversity of items his group deals with and the ability to make a difference in a Project are the best things about his position.  It means a lot to me to turn off the highway into a mega project and know that I have  a hand in how the operation is running, how clean the facilities are, how the site looks, how nice the lunchrooms and offices are and how it should encourage the staff and craft to focus on what they are here to accomplish without worrying about our world of Site Services.” Geoff’s work philosophy is to roll with the punches. “There have been a lot of changes on the site and in the way we are constructing the Project through different types of Contract arrangements.  We all need to look at how little changes affect the site as a whole to have a successful Project.  Also, try to keep your experience enjoyable and don’t let the stress weigh you down!” His advice for Oil & Gas construction workers is to build with the next generation in mind. He is a firm believer that the success of projects this size is to support constructability from the design stage all the way though construction and start up. Keep it simple.

Geoff grew up in Bow Island, Alberta. (No, it is not really an island he points out). He now lives east of Sherwood Park and enjoys camping, hunting, cooking and working around his acreage doing odd jobs. Known around the NWR offices for his quick witted humor, Geoff always has a good story or two to share…if you see him out and about ask him about the camping trip that turned into  a remake of the movie “RV”…