Sturgeon Refinery
Picture of Carol Czarnecki

Carol Czarnecki

Janitor/Labourer - Taurus

June 10, 2015

Carol has worked for Taurus Site Services for 1 year and 9 months as a Janitor/Labour and has been on the Sturgeon Refinery Project for the same time.  What Carol likes about her job is that it keeps her moving and fit, and she’s really close to home working on the Sturgeon Refinery project.  Her philosophy about work is that you have to play safe and have fun.  Her advice for the next generation of O&G construction workers is do your job and do it well and if you have an easy going environment there is no stress.   Carol grew up in Sherwood Park but now calls Redwater home.  She loves to quilt in her spare time and one of her greatest accomplishments is completing quilts for all her grandchildren.  When asked if she could possess one super-human power what would it be, Carol said she would love to be able to fly and would not be afraid of falling.