Sturgeon Refinery


Use Google Maps to get driving instructions to the Sturgeon Refinery. Parking is available after entry into Gate 2. Please obey the speed limit and back your vehicle into your parking stall.

To reach your work site, walk to Brass Alley where you will swipe your project ID and then take a shuttle to your work site.

The successful off site bussing ended service on Friday, December 22, 2017. Thank you to all who supported the service. With the program concluding, construction and operations employees will now travel by passenger vehicle. Carpooling is encouraged. Parking lots are available for the west construction and east construction groups.

Create a Twitter account at and follow "NWRSiteTransit". This Twitter feed will provide information about on-site shuttle bussing, parking, and other transportation related topics.

If you are boarding a shuttle at Brass Alley (BA) locate your destination Stop # in the AM Routes section and the corresponding departure time is to the right of the Stop #. If you are leaving site at the end of the day all shuttles will start departing at 4:55 pm.

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Choose to unfollow by texting UNFOLLOW username to 21212. (Example: UNFOLLOW NWRSiteTransit)