Sturgeon Refinery

Featured Module Yard – WorleyParsons

Each month we will feature a mod yard facility that is supporting the NWR Sturgeon Refinery.

This month is the WorleyParsons Module Program:

There are 277 modules in this scope. 17 modules from Waiward are complete and delivered with 1 more to go for the Flare pipe rack. The tank farm and FC pipe rack is being executed by HCBI and their subcontractors (pipe spool fabrication) and this assembly location accounts for 104 modules. With 62 delivered to date we will complete shipping this year. Finally 149 modules are being executed at Aecon’s Sherwood Park north fabrication facility and module yard. At beyond 95% complete, and 118 modules delivered already, we are poised to complete remaining module shipments by the end of this year.

Overall Module Program Highlights and Status:

The module program is rolling along with all facility locations in execution mode. Currently 255 modules are delivered to site, and another 400 plus modules standing in various stages of assembly. Module assembly program in the yards crosses the 50% complete mark in October, and current forecasts project the program to be over 70% complete by year end. The program consisting of 1031 modules is targeting 500 modules delivered to site and another 400 modules being assembled, by the close of 2015.

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October 20, 2015