Sturgeon Refinery

Sturgeon Refinery Project New Worker Program

The North West Redwater Partnership (NWR) Short Service Worker Program is a prerequisite for safe operations that supports new workers in becoming familiar with their roles and responsibilities on the Sturgeon Refinery Project to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them.

The purpose of a Short Service Worker program is to assist all new workers in becoming familiar with NWR’s safety philosophy and to facilitate the identification of risks when workers are new to the industry.

A Short Service Worker is any worker that has less than 6 months of heavy industrial construction experience.   Each Short Service Worker is assigned a Mentor/Coach who is a designated person(s) at the site responsible and accountable for guiding and monitoring the performance of the Short Service Worker in the field. The Mentor/Coach is a Site Safety Mature Person and has demonstrated knowledge and skills with regard to site and task related hazards, hazard management and safe working practices.

Prior to commencing work, all Short Service Workers must receive NWR site orientation and contractor-specific orientation and meet with their Mentor/Coach during orientation.  The Short Service Worker will have completed the program when it is deemed that the individual is familiar with NWR safety philosophy and is committed to Goal Zero, the individual is familiar with their roles and responsibilities on the Sturgeon Refinery Project, and the individual has demonstrated the ability to take direction from his/her mentor and work under direct supervision.

To find out more about the Sturgeon Refinery Short Service Worker Program contact your supervisor or your company’s HSE department.