Sturgeon Refinery

Project Update November 2016

Several significant project milestones have been achieved within this last reporting period. In September, the last of the tall/heavy lifts was completed with the erection of an incinerator stack. In early October, the last process module was delivered to site, and on October 20, the last process module was assembled into its final location. With all modules and major equipment now in place, the refinery ‘skyline’ is now established.

As the mechanical interconnection of modules and assembly of smaller components is completed, pressure testing and cleaning of piping systems continues, as does pulling of electrical cable, heat tracing, and insulation. Instrumentation activities continue, with the very first ‘loop-checks’ having been completed whereby the communication between a given instrument or control device and the main control room panels is verified. Thousands more of these loop-checks remain to be done over the next several months.

Turnover Commissioning Packages (TCP) are advancing in the first of the process areas, allowing NWR’s Integration, Commissioning and Start-Up (ICSU) personnel to begin pre-commissioning checks and activities on the earliest utility systems within the refinery. This TCP acceptance by ICSU will continue system-by-system over the next several months. Target for operation of Phase 1 remains at end of year 2017.

NWR continues with top-quartile safety statistics on site. As construction moves to more elevated work and more jobs in confined spaces, and with the change of seasons, NWR’s performance standard of ‘Goal Zero’ for an incident- and accident-free environment remains an integral part of our culture and business requirement.

NWR’s bussing program remains a great success, with 100 coaches bringing approx. 70% of our workforce to site. NWR has implemented a bussing program for night shift, with similar levels of success.

Site construction of ancillary buildings and facilities is well advanced, with a security building, on-site lab facilities and a truck weigh scale all progressing.

NWR’s Supply Chain leadership team has led a local-supplier information forum in late September, with another, larger event planned for early December. The goal of these sessions is to assist local contractors and suppliers in understanding requirements for doing business with NWR on smaller capital projects and run-and-maintain scenarios.

NWR has submitted renewal applications to Provincial regulators in September under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and Water Act respectively, as per normal renewal cycles. This application lead time allows Regulators sufficient time for approval prior to September 2017 expiry.

Environmental gold standard performance continues related with more than 98% of construction waste being recycled month-over-month. Revenue received from recycling activities has resulted in recent NWR contributions to regional school programs and seniors causes.