Sturgeon Refinery

Project Update May 2017

NWR’s Sturgeon Refinery project-to-date has now surpassed 39.9 million exposure hours with safety statistics remaining top-quartile for our industry. NWR’s safety culture of ‘Goal Zero’ continues with commissioning, start-up and operations personnel focused on Safety In Transition as areas of the refinery prepare for operational readiness.

Construction activities continue to focus largely on interconnecting piping, electrical heat tracing, control and power cable installation, hydro-testing and insulation. More than half of the Construction Turnover Packages have been completed, and air blows to clear piping of potential debris, chemical cleaning, lube oil flushes, motor bumps and run-ins and loop-checking of control circuits are underway on those systems turned over for pre-commissioning activities. More than half of electrical motors have been bumped/run- in, and approx. one-third of loop checks have been completed to date.

The site is working two 10 hours shifts per day, with workforce numbers  of approx. 5,000 days/1,000 nights, and with the numbers trending downward as work scopes are completed. There are currently 80 coaches/14 coaches bringing workers to site on days/nights respectively. Ridership remains high, with nearly 75%/55% of workers on days/nights utilizing the coaches, resulting in safe transport of workers to and from the site, and reduced congestion on regional roadways.

Site construction of non-process ancillary buildings and facilities is progressing well, with the security building and on-site lab building now turned over to NWR personnel for pre-commissioning.

As NWR continues to progress toward full project completion and transitions from a construction focus to start-up and operations, Chris Covert will be stepping down as President of NWR, and Kerry Margetts, NWR Chief Operating Officer will be assuming the role of President effective May 31, 2017. Kerry’s leadership, knowledge and tenacity have been essential in preparing NWR for pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up and operations for the run and maintain mode of the Refinery. NWR thanks Chris for his valuable contribution to the development of NWR as an organization and for leading the development of Phase 1 of the Sturgeon Refinery.

NWR’s application for renewal of its licence for process water under the Water Act has been approved, and the regulator’s review of the application for renewal to construct and operate the refinery under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act  continues towards a scheduled target of approval prior to September 2017.

NWR’s recent months Community and Charitable Donations (CCD) as funded by the construction waste recycling program include contributions to the Sturgeon Foundation, Redwater High School, Ochre Park School, Sturgeon Composite High, Landing Trail School, Namao School, Redwater Library (pending). The focus for the CCD program continues to be on seniors and educational programs and causes in our local community.