Sturgeon Refinery

Project Update May 2016

There has been a dramatic change in the skyline of the NWR Sturgeon Refinery since the last update was published. Many more of the tall vessels, stacks, coolers, and modules have been set with the aid of more than 100 cranes of various types and capacities. The on-site workforce has reached 5,000 people, with a small number of those working a night shift.

NWR’s bussing program has expanded to 99 coaches, and is safely transporting over 3,500 workers per day from throughout the Capital region to and from the site.

Of the more than 1,000 modules being manufactured for the Sturgeon Refinery, more than 70% have been received at the site, and more than 60% of the total having been set in their final locations. All remaining modules are standing at various stages of completion at their manufacturing facilities, and it is targeted that all modules will have been completed and shipped to site by the end of September. At this time, approximately 3,000 workers in Edmonton-area fabrication shops remain engaged in manufacturing modules for the Project. Module and equipment receipt and installation will continue through the balance of 2016 and into 2017 as scheduled. Insulation on process tanks continues, as does cable-pulling for power cables throughout the site.

With Activity around commissioning, start up and operations gaining momentum, NWR is pleased to announce that effective June 1, 2016, Mr. Kerry Margetts will be joining NWR in the role of Chief Operating Officer, leading our Operations organization. Hiring of other staff as necessary to prepare for Refinery operations continues, with positions as posted on our website as noted below.

Effective May 19th, NWR, along with the Women Building Futures organization and Ironworkers Local 720 celebrated the graduation of the first women’s Ironworkers Readiness program, with the graduates now indentured as apprentice Ironworkers. Tuition for the overall program was provided by NWR, and work experience and employment at the Sturgeon Refinery provided in conjunction with their on-site contractors.

Environmental gold standard performance continues through the construction activities at site, with more than 98% of construction waste being recycled month-over-month. Recycled materials include concrete, wood, metal, cardboard/paper, plastic, organics and other waste materials. Revenue received from recycle activities continues to be directed to schools and seniors causes within the Refinery’s community.

The website now has a fresh new look and is more mobile-friendly, having been merged with the worker-information-oriented Project website. The change effectively makes for a ‘one-stop’ source of all information about the Partnership and the project site. Both web addresses remain in active use, with both taking the visitor to the same place.