Sturgeon Refinery

Project Update February 22, 2016

As the result of an on-site pedestrian-vehicle incident December 9th 2015 one of NWR’s employees was fatally injured. All of NWR is deeply saddened by this tragedy and the loss our colleague’s family has suffered. NWR is fully cooperating with Alberta Occupational Health and Safety in the investigation of this matter. This first Lost Time Incident project-to-date has resulted in reinforcement of several areas of safety focus on site, and the ‘Goal Zero’ safety culture espoused by NWR’s Health, Safety and Environment policy and practices continues.

The on-site workforce has reached above 3,800 people, and NWR’s bussing program continues to expand to accommodate increasing ridership. Eighty five routes are currently in place safely transporting over 2,700 workers per day from throughout the Capital region to and from the site. This successful program continues to expand to accommodate growth in ridership.

The municipal effluent lift station and potable water connections have been completed and commissioned allowing turnover and occupancy of the Control/Administration Building and Firehall/Warehouse Building by operations personnel.

Pipelines to ship finished products to nearby terminalling facilities, as well as natural gas liquid byproducts of the Refinery for further processing are nearing completion but will not be in service until nearer to when the Refinery commences processing.

To date approx. 400 modules have been installed with more than 600 additional modules standing in various stages of assembly at module fabrication shops. Module delivery and assembly into the Refinery will continue throughout 2016. Wall and roof assembly and sheeting is well advanced for several large process buildings throughout the site. Dozens of process vessels, heaters, boilers, and process electrical buildings have been set on foundations, and the site skyline changes regularly with additional installations. ‘Dressing’ of large process vessels with ladders, platforms and insulation is progressing in the laydown areas of NWR lands to ensure best labour efficiencies when such vessels are moved to and placed upon foundations at the work-face. Pipe rack installation continues to advance into all process unit areas of the Refinery with crews working on inter-connecting welds for the modules end-to-end connection. Development of the additional area for delivery truck and equipment staging has been completed and the area is in use. Electrical cable installation continues throughout the pipe rack cable tray starting at the electrical substation. Module and equipment construction, receipt and placement at site will continue through the balance of 2015 and 2016.

Environmental gold standard performance continues at site, with more than 98% of construction waste being recycled. Recycled materials include concrete, wood, metal, cardboard/paper, plastic, organics and other waste materials. More than $100,000 of funds received from recycle activities was directed to schools and seniors causes within the Refinery region in 2015 guided by the NWR Community and Charitable Donations Policy (available for view on our website).

Hiring of process operators, maintenance techs, and other staff necessary to prepare for Refinery operations continues, with positions as posted on the ‘corporate’ website as noted below.

On February 29TH, 2016 the website will have a fresh new look. ‘Corporate’ information from the website will now reside on the website. The URL address will continue to exist, but the user will be seamlessly redirected to the site. The site that has been an excellent source of up-to-date construction-specific information will have the NWR ‘corporate’ information migrated over to it, and will now be a ‘one-stop’ source of all information about the Partnership and the project site. The change is being made to improve information-sharing efficiencies as well as to take advantage of the more contemporary features of the site (more mobile-friendly). This change will also better prepare NWR for information from operations to be posted on the same site. Both web addresses will remain in active use, they’ll just take the visitor to the same place starting February 22nd.