Sturgeon Refinery

Project Update February 2017

NWR’s safety statistics continue to be much better than industry average, and with Goal Zero established as the safety culture, our ‘Fresh Start’ campaign brought our workforce back from the seasonal break with a renewed focus on working safely. A team working on Operational Readiness Review ensures the Goal Zero values are embedded in our pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up and process safety elements.

Per the previous update, with all modules and major components in place the construction activities are focused largely on interconnecting piping, electrical, instrumentation, heat tracing and insulation. The site has two 10 hours shifts per day, and although the workforce numbers are trending downward, there are still 100 coaches/14 coaches bringing workers to site on days/nights respectively. From the peak of 120+ cranes, there are now 64 cranes of varying capacities on site, with these numbers also trending downward.

Pre-commissioning activities continue in Utilities and Tank Farm areas and have just started in the Crude and Light Ends Recovery Units. Such activities include loop checks for instruments and controls, electric motor bumps and run-ins, line blows and cleaning. As Turnover Completion Packages are submitted and accepted, more systems will go through these activities.

With the Raw Water system turned over to NWR, the fire water supply into the administration building is energized, bringing that building under full firewater protection. Site construction of non-process ancillary buildings and facilities such as the security building, on-site lab facilities and a truck weigh scale are all progressing well.

NWR’s Supply Chain leadership team held second local-supplier information forum in December, providing information to assist local contractors and suppliers in understanding requirements for doing business with NWR on smaller capital projects and run-and-maintain scenarios.

Following Public Notice of NWR’s application for renewal under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act , no Statements Of Concern were received by regulators, and technical review continues towards a scheduled target of renewed approval prior to September 2017.

Construction waste recycling continues with approx. 98% of construction waste being recycled month-over-month. Revenue received from recycling activities resulted in NWR contributing approx.. $150,000 to regional school programs and seniors causes through 2016 and 2017 to date. NWR just completed our successful 2016 United Way campaign, with employee contributions and NWR matching funds totaling $121,651. In December, NWR employees contributed $14,000 plus over a tonne of food to Redwater and Gibbons/Bon Accord food banks.