Sturgeon Refinery

Project Update August 2016

Over 85% of modules have now been set in their final location, and the remainder have either been received at site or are in transit to site. With this progress, sufficient work fronts have opened up to allow productive engagement of approx. 5,500 workers on the day shift and over 500 on a night shift. The bussing program remains a great success, with over 80% of craft on day shift using the bus service. NWR has now also instituted a bus service with 7 coaches for the night shift, with all coaches reducing traffic on regional roadways and providing a safe, efficient way for workers to get to and from site. Utilization of a limited night shift allows scaffolding and assembly to proceed during a second ten hour shift each work day.

Scaffolding is a trade important not only to progress of the Sturgeon Refinery, but to Alberta’s workforce generally. In cooperation with Women Building Futures, and after the initial class of ironworker apprentices graduated, NWR is proud to be sponsoring a second group of women who are now beginning their scaffolding and carpentry apprentice training.

The process flare stack, the tallest structure for the Sturgeon Refinery site, has now been set and connected to the flare system. Insulation of process tanks and equipment continues. Energization of Powered Equipment Buildings throughout the refinery site continues which allows for the planning of motor bumps to begin. The Integration, Commissioning and Start-Up (ICSU) staff have taken custody of the Raw Water and Fire Water buildings, and have also begun to air blow and ensure cleanliness of the earliest pipes turned over to them from the construction teams.

NWR has almost completed the transition out of leased office space in the Town of Redwater, and all ICSU staff are working and training at the on-site Control & Administration Building.

Permits issued for the construction and operation of the Sturgeon Refinery and for the river water allocation, under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and Water Act respectively, are to be renewed before September 2017 as per normal renewal cycles. NWR is submitting renewal applications to Provincial regulators by September 1, 2016 to allow sufficient time for review and approval.

A very successful worker appreciation event was held on Saturday June 18th, open to all site workers, allowing them to show their friends and family what they are accomplishing through their work at the Sturgeon Refinery. The event, including food, refreshments and entertainment, was sponsored by NWR. All major contractors contributed to the success of the event, continuing to build on the ‘Great Site’ initiative that NWR has established. The nominal entry fee was contributed in its entirety, some $25,000, to local food banks. At the event, NWR also announced a contribution of $25,000 towards the Fort McMurray fire victims recovery fund.

Environmental gold standard performance continues related to construction material recycling, with more than 98% of construction waste being recycled month-over-month. Revenue received from recycling activities has resulted in recent NWR contributions to regional school playground infrastructure as well as various local educational and recreational materials and programs.

The website has been merged with the worker-information-oriented Project website. The change effectively makes for a ‘one-stop’ source of all information about the Partnership and the project site. Both web addresses remain in active use, with both taking the visitor to the same place.