Sturgeon Refinery

NWR Working with WBF to Create Value for Families and the Alberta Economy

WBF offers women pre-trades competency-based training in welding, steamfitting/pipefitting, plumbing, sheet metal, carpentry, electrical, and heavy equipment operator training at their training center in Edmonton, Alberta. NWR partnered with WBF to assist in the establishment, operation and administration of the program. This will include the recruitment, assessment, selection and training of the students. Once trained, NWR will facilitate the work experience and employment placement at the Sturgeon Refinery in conjunction with our contractors. To date 16 Ironworkers and 7 Scaffolders have been placed with contractors on the Sturgeon Refinery.

This partnership is not only important in addressing the skilled trades needed to construct and maintain the Sturgeon Refinery but will benefit families, the industry, and Alberta’s economy as a whole.

Watch the WBF video!