Sturgeon Refinery

NWR Sturgeon Refinery Logo – What Does It Mean?

NWR Sturgeon Refinery logo

What does it mean?

NWR logo swoosh

The Swoosh

Green is meant to evoke the leading environmental initiatives that the Sturgeon Refinery Project is using throughout, carbon capture being a significant component.

Orange is a tie to the colour used in early days by NWR partner North West Upgrading Inc. to evoke bitumen being refined to lighter, higher value end products.

Blue represents a tie to the corporate colours of NWR partner Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL).

NWR letters


North West Redwater Partnership
A 50/50 joint venture between North West Upgrading Inc. (NWU) and Canadian Natural Upgrading Limited (CNUL) a wholly owned subsidiary of Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL).

Sturgeon Refinery text

Sturgeon Refinery

Represents the project and highlights the fact it is a refinery that will produce a premium, high cetane, low carbon, ultralow sulphur diesel fuel for Alberta and World markets.

Great Site Approved logo

Great Site

Great Site represents the commitment of NWR to be the project of choice and attract and retain a highly skilled workforce.

When this logo is present, it signifies that approval from the NWR Great Site Committee has been granted. The Great Site logo incorporates the colours from NWR’s logo.

The four stars represent NWR’s corporate values of INTEGRITY, TRUST, RESULTS, and RESPECT.

The green checkmark signifies NWR’s culture of Building it Safe, Building it Right in the Heartland.