Sturgeon Refinery

Notice: Steam Blows Beginning Mid July

As NWR continues to prepare our facility for a safe start up, there may be new sight and sounds noticed by the local community.

NWR is expecting to start our utility steam boilers (as seen in photo) and begin steam blows during the week of July 17. Steam blows will ensure the steam lines are clear of debris. This involves the buildup of steam pressure in a given line, and then releasing the confined steam to the atmosphere. There is no danger to any person off-site, nor release of any toxic substance.

Steam blows will generate visible plumes of steam from the boilers and other points through the refinery. It will likely be intermittent plumes versus a steady stream of steam. NWR has not previously generated visible activity from any of our stacks, and therefore want to assure local residents and businesses that this is a safe and routine activity as part of start up procedures.

There will also likely be low level noise on occasion that may be heard some distance away from our site. The steam input to a given line will be sustained, and depending on the wind direction and on-site elevation of the steam release point, the sound may carry. We use specialized mufflers on the stacks to minimize the sound from these steam blows for the protection of our workers on site and our near neighbours.

This activity is expected to take several months to clear all lines.