Sturgeon Refinery

Local Food Banks Get Big Boost From Sturgeon Refinery

The holiday season is famous for lights, little drummer boys, and lists of all sorts – gifts, groceries, cleaning, and cards.

It’s also a time when food is in great demand at area food banks, as local families who don’t quite have the means for Christmas feasts reach out for support from these worthy organizations. The Bon Accord/Gibbons and Redwater Food Banks have seen a steady increase in the number of hamper requests over the past few years, particularly around the holidays.

Armed with a commitment to local communities and a desire to help, NWR has proudly contributed to local food banks for years. The Community and Charitable Donations Program, funded solely from recycling beverage containers and other waste materials, recently provided a $5,000 boost to both the Bon Accord/Gibbons and Redwater Food Banks.

This donation was followed up by a food drive on site, where the entire workforce of more than 3,500 people was encouraged to bring a food or cash donation over a two day period. Food was collected at Brass Alley, retrieved from the commuter busses, and gathered at drop boxes in the office building and warehouse.

All totaled, the food drive raised 1330 lbs of food and $6627. It is a great show of support for those in need in the surrounding community that we have all come to appreciate through working at the Sturgeon Refinery.

Special thanks to all those that coordinated the collection efforts and delivery!