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Furniture bank receives massive boost from NWR

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A happy group of Furniture Bank volunteers accepts the donation from NWR to help with ongoing costs of their community organization.

Press release issued by the Fort Saskatchewan Furniture Bank

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, December 2, 2019 – North West Redwater Partnership (NWR) is one of the local corporations the Fort Saskatchewan Furniture Bank approached recently to help with their ongoing costs.  Kathy Stevenson, President of the Fort Saskatchewan Furniture bank stated, “Our community has consistently been generous with donations and support, and this money from NWR will help us to continue to cover the costs associated with our operation, the largest expense being rental of our storage unit.”

Vanessa Goodman, Manager, External Relations at NWR stated, “We are very supportive of the initiative this group has undertaken. We recognize the struggle for families in the region at times and think the Furniture Bank is a unique and fantastic means to help those in need with one of life’s basic necessities – a safe and comfortable home.”

NWR has a unique twist with their community investment program.  Vanessa explained, “Our community investment funding comes solely from recycling refunds. By returning our beverages containers, scrap metal, copper wire, and other items, we help generate value for the community and divert waste from landfills all at the same time.”

When the Furniture Bank started in December 2016, they assisted 2 to 3 clients per month, now they are averaging 10 per month, most of them with young children.  Their volunteers deliver donated furniture from their storage unit or directly from community members homes to clients.   In some instances, the clients have nothing but the clothes on their back and are sleeping on the floor with just a blanket.

Kathy added, “We run on a shoe-string budget which is about $1500 per month.  We’ve rented a storage unit, have insurance, have volunteers, and have worked hard to establish long term viability.  We run an annual online auction, MIX 107.9 has included us in their annual charitable BBQ’s, and we have held some smaller fundraisers – such as garage sales, to flower sales, to a raffle – we are always looking at creative ways to fundraise.  By receiving this donation from NWR, it ensures we are covered for another 3 months of operation for which we are grateful.”

The Fort Saskatchewan Furniture Bank take referrals from Families First, the Food Bank, the Boys and Girls Club, and self-referrals.  They are a virtual furniture bank as almost all of their interaction with their clients and donors is through their Facebook Page.

“The coordination to supply and deliver an entire two-bedroom apartment is time consuming.  Our clients’ stories are heartbreaking, their gratitude is heartfelt and there have been hugs and tears at the end of many deliveries.  It’s that gratitude that gives our volunteers energy and enthusiasm.  We are grateful for all the contributions we receive from the community, local business, and from large industry, such as NWR.  This community has heart and I am proud to be a part of it,” concluded Kathy.


For additional information contact:

Cindy Cook
Fort Saskatchewan Furniture Bank

The Fort Saskatchewan Furniture Bank provides gently used furniture and household goods to help furnish a home for those in need. These services are for those living in or relocating to Fort Saskatchewan (we do not deliver to clients or pick up donations outside of Fort Saskatchewan City Limits).   There is no other volunteer based organization like this in Fort Saskatchewan.