Sturgeon Refinery

NWR Communication – Fort McMurray Fires

Many people working for the engineering, construction and operation preparations for the NWR Sturgeon Refinery, whether staff or contractors, have ties to family or friends in Fort McMurray. Our thoughts and best wishes are with all those affected. Given the tragic state of emergency, many people are wondering how they may be able to assist in some way, or how they can get further information. The links below are in place to get further information;

To Donate:

Also, the Royal Canadian Legion in Fort Saskatchewan is also offering specific support as well.  The legion will operate as pick up and drop off location for people wishing to donate supplies: (toiletries, disposable wipes, water, clothing, food…).  Charlene Andrews is the contact (780-998-3466) and the address is 9964 93rd Ave, Fort Saskatchewan, AB.   The legion is also looking for volunteers to help them as well.

For more specific information, many people are using social media; these include the following three Twitter accounts as well as Facebook:

  • @RMWoodBuffalo
  • @511Alberta – roads
  • @YMMHelps

NWR recognizes as well that those on our project who have close personal ties with people experiencing significant loss or displacement may require some assistance themselves.  Please remember NWR’s Employee Family Assistance Program is also available for NWR employees and their family members to help them through these times:  1-800-387-4765.  NWR also has access to some resources and information that may also assist those with questions:

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