Sturgeon Refinery

First All Women Ironworker Class Graduates

NWR is proud to welcome Alberta’s newest ironworkers – 11 female graduates from the Women Building Futures and Ironworkers Union (Local 720) Training Program to the Sturgeon Refinery.

Recruitment for the program began in November 2015, throughout which WBF focused on the engagement of Aboriginal women and women living in communities local to the Sturgeon Refinery.

Tuition for the overall program was provided by NWR, and work experience and employment at NWR’s Sturgeon Refinery was provided in conjunction with their contractors Fluor Canada and PCL Industrial Constructors Inc. Participants were also indentured as Ironworking apprentices with the Alberta Ironworker Apprenticeship and Training Plan, who provided the hands on skill building.

“It is our pleasure to welcome these talented and dedicated women into the Sturgeon Refinery workforce,” says Ian MacGregor, President and Chairman, NW Refining Inc. (50 per cent partner in the NWR Partnership). I feel good about what we have been able to achieve through this partnership. This first class of graduates exemplifies exactly who we hope to attract to our team. Albertans with passion, commitment and a focus to the future. We are excited to be able to partner with WBF, Local 720, and the contractors on site, PCL and Fluor, to create job opportunities that truly make a difference to the lives of Albertans. But this is also about more than job creation. This is about being part of something we as Albertans can all be proud of. The Sturgeon Refinery is focused on finding ways to add value to our resources, manage our CO2 footprint and gain market access. Together, we are building Alberta’s energy future. As construction continues, it is our hope that this first graduating class will be able to stake their claim in the long-lasting and meaningful legacy that this project will leave on our province.”

WBF Graduating Class Press Release

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