Sturgeon Refinery

Enhanced Policing Program

The Enhanced Policing Program, sponsored by NWR, Agrium, Pembina Pipelines and Evonik with the support of Sturgeon County has now been in place for 8 months. This program includes Highway 643 and the corridors from Highways 38, 825 and 28A. RCMP officers have noted that traffic has slowed down to a more acceptable speed and driving behaviours are more safety conscious. RCMP have issued 530 tickets and 322 written warnings ranging from speeding, unsafe passing, stop sign violations and distracted driving. The goal of this program is enhanced safety for all highway users.

Current statistics:

• There were 858 traffic stops completed.
• There were 530 tickets issued.
• There were 322 written warnings issued.

It is NWR’s expectation that Sturgeon Refinery employees follow the rules of the road and show courtesy to other drivers in order to arrive safely while traveling to and from work.