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Construction Commencing on Highway 643-Range Road 220 Intersection

Area commuters will see another intersection improved in the Heartland region to ensure efficient and safe traffic flow.

Improvement Details

The intersection of Highway 643 and Range Road 220 will be under construction for the majority of the summer. Upgrades to the intersection will include:

  • Aligning RR220 so it lines up north and south of Highway 643 versus the current staggered alignment
  • Adding acceleration and deceleration lanes on Highway 643
  • Adding traffic lights to the intersection
  • Improving the rail crossing signal


Construction work will be noticeable starting at the beginning of July and lasting until September 2018.

Drive with Care

Commuters will likely experience some delays during this construction period. Commuters are asked to obey reduced speed limits and drive with extra caution to ensure the safety of construction crews during this time period. An alternate route of Highway 825 and Twp 570 (Heartland Drive) may be used to avoid construction delays.


As municipal and industrial growth in the region continues, it’s important to improve our transportation system. We will continue to support efforts to enhance our transportation infrastructure and promote proper driving habits to ensure the safe movement of people and goods.


Public inquiries can be directed to:

Vanessa Goodman
Manager, External Relations
P: 587.469.6325
C: 780.231.9802

Dated: June 28, 2018