Sturgeon Refinery

Another Big Lift For NWR

On Wednesday July 29, 2015, Unit 20 Fluor and Mammoet installed the Vacuum Tower 12-VE303.

This was a huge achievement and success of numerous trades, engineers and management; where by extensive coordination achieved a significant installation.

The Mammoet Liebherr LR 11350 crawler (main crane) and the Liebherr LR 1600 (tail crane) were required to upright the vessel.

Once the vessel was in the upright position, the tail crane was disconnected and the LR 11350 with the Fluor Boilermakers set into its final location.

The final weight of the vessel weighed in just under 300T and was raised over 300 feet in the air, finally lowered into the 76’ structure.

The combined efforts of all who assisted was a true reflection of the professionalism we have at site!!

Find more pictures of the lift in the gallery!

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