Sturgeon Refinery

Alberta Ministers Visit Industrial Heartland Region

On Wednesday July 22, Minister of Energy Marg McCuaig-Boyd and Lori Sigurdson, Minister of Innovation and Advanced Education, visited the area with Edmonton city councillor, and chair of the Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association, Ed Gibbons. The ministers received  tours of several heartland sites, including the Sturgeon Refinery and Shell Quest site.”Coming out here and seeing it, and riding around with these folks, has been very informational. We’re just listening and learning today,” said McCuaig-Boyd. “The heartbeat of our province beats steady thanks to the innovative thinking and hard work from Albertans determined to make their home a world-leader in energy solutions,” Sigurdson said. “That is nowhere more obvious than in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, where work is on-going to add value to our resources.”

(Quotes taken from The Edmonton Sun and The Redwater Review)