Sturgeon Refinery

Why We Recycle

May 18, 2016

North West Redwater Partnership believes in actively participating in and supporting the communities where we live and work.

During site tours it has been noticed that plastic bottles are not always finding their way to the blue bins.  They are eventually recycled when thrown into general waste, but there is a significant downfall to this.

Local charities and organizations lose out on a lot of money.

To date, with YOUR help, NWR has donated over $40,000 to local charities, schools, senior’s homes, local libraries, emergency services, etc. from the bottles alone.  The ability to support our Community and Charitable Donations Policy was a major factor in deciding to go with bottled water on this Project.  Our request is that we continue to be diligent in ensuring all cans and bottles end up in the recycle bins.

Your help is appreciated and enhances our surrounding communities!

 NWR will be focusing a large portion of future donations to assist with the Fort McMurray Relief Fund and associated organizations.