Sturgeon Refinery

Community Investment

North West Redwater Partnership believes in actively participating in and supporting the communities where we live and work. We encourage our employees to be involved in their community and NWR supports their work – and the work of others.

From annual campaigns for United Way to local Food Bank drives for the surrounding communities, to Adopt-A-Family programs at Christmas, the goal is to give back and build stronger communities.

A robust recycling program since construction began – including wood, drywall, aluminum, steel, organics, concrete, bottles, scrap metal and beverage containers – diverted tonnes of waste from landfills and amassed refunds redirected back into the community. The focus is on local programs that promote strong family support systems, youth community involvement and education, and the rural heritage within our region. Over $800,000 of recycling refunds have been invested into playgrounds, festivals, technology for libraries and schools, 4-H, literacy, firefighter bunker gear, community gardens, victim services, cultural activities, leadership training, educational tours, mental health training, historic sites and more.

In 2018, an innovative challenge earmarked a portion of these recycling refunds to help reduce waste in the region. Community groups submitted ideas to the Waste into Worth Challenge, and ten winners were chosen based on creativity, impact to the community, and ability to turn waste into something of value.

Apply for Community Investment Funding

NWR focuses our community investment on the following areas:

Enhancing and contributing to the current and future quality of life in our Local Communities

This includes our active support for organizations that provide services to and promote:

  • Programs that promote our local community’s education system for youth
  • Programs that foster work skills development for youth or disadvantaged persons
  • Programs that aid seniors living in the local community
  • Strong family support systems
  • Programs to support youth community involvement


Our application is currently being revised. Please check back in early 2023.